Safety Notes for Walkers

Safety Notes for Walkers

• Whilst leaders will take every precaution to ensure that the route of the walk is clear and hazard free, it is important that each individual recognises his/her responsibility for their own safety and also an awareness of any changes in the circumstances of those around them – be aware of who is immediately in front and behind you. Remember, whilst you walk at your own risk we are a group who look after each other.

• Where walkers intend to leave the walk before its scheduled end they should let the leader and/or the backmarker know, preferably before the start of the walk; they should also confirm their intention immediately prior to their departure.

• Walkers intending to leave early should carry a map of the area and check their intended route with the leader just before leaving.

• Whenever walkers leave the main group – eg. During a coffee or lunch break or for an unscheduled comfort stop they should make the backmarker aware of their situation.

• If you are at all worried about being left behind, or getting lost, make sure you have a mobile phone with you and also a number to ring (mobile phone numbers are listed on your programme).

• It is advised that all members carry a whistle.

• If you encounter any problems en route please let the leader or backmarker know as quickly as possible.

• Remember we are all out to enjoy ourselves; anything that occurs (or doesn’t occur) which spoils that needs to be brought to the leader’s attention so that we can take steps to prevent a future problem.

• Children under 16 must always be accompanied by an adult who will be entirely responsible for their safety and behaviour during the walk.