12 June 2021

  • Stoughton Down:  12 June 2021
  • Walk Leader: Neville
  • Distance: 7 Miles
  • Start: Walderton (lane end) GR SU788107

No matter which direction you take, starting from Walderton, the routes reward you with outstanding views. We walked eastwards, climbing to the north above the Stoughton Road and, after a mile turned right along the Monarch’s Way, dropping down into Stoughton itself before another long but fairly gentle climb to the top of Stoughton Down where a welcome bench and some shade provided a brief rest for drinks.

We then turned right along the top of the Down, walking through woodland until we reached the two ancient Barrows above the historic and beautiful Kingley Vale; this Yew covered vale is truly magnificent.

After a brief stop for lunch, we continued along the West Down cycle path (meeting few cyclists) winding our way slowly down back to Walderton. Sadly, our timing was poor as we arrived at the pub just behind a large group which would have meant, due to the Lockdown restrictions, a long wait for service. Thus, a very pleasant morning’s walk came to a close!


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