23 June 2021

  • Selborne & Noar Hill, 23 June 2021
  • Walk Leader: Freda
  • Distance:  8 – 9 miles
  • Start: 10am start Selborne CP, GR: SU743335

On a promising sunny day, 14 of us left the car park at Selborne, just ahead of the introduction of parking charges. Some were relieved that we were not to immediately ascend the Zig Zag path, but instead skirted the lower flank of Selborne Hill taking us through woodland and lush green fields. 

Dropping down, we headed on to Noar Hill, again skirting the flank and coming out of the woodland to enjoy the view from our coffee stop.

Leaving Noar Hill we reached the lane leading us to Empshott, passing the pretty little church and scattered houses to cross the Greatham to Selborne road.

A climb up above Le Court gave us more views to admire as we continued our route through rampant vegetation to Bradshott Hall and another stretch of lane walking to Brockridge Farm. 

From here we made a long single file trek on a well marked and clear route up through crops to reach Sotherington Lane and on uphill to our lunch stop in the Blackmoor apple fields.

From there footpaths led us back into Selborne village, where a good few felt ice cream was a must. A day of verdant green, blue sky, glorious views and good company.


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