9 February 2022

  • From Frensham Little Pond:  11 February 2022
  • Walk Leader: Tony Goodwin
  • Distance: 8.5 Miles
  • Start: NT CP, Frensham Little Pond GR: SU 857418
Some of the 23 at Frensham Little Pond

Twenty-three of us turned out on a delightful sunny and warm day for Tony’s walk in the Surrey countryside. We walked from a cark park close to Frensham Little Pond. This pond, together with the Great Pond, was created in the 13th Century when King Henry III was on the throne. The Bishop of Winchester wanted fish to eat when he visited Farnham Castle so he ordered that these ponds be created and stocked with fish.

Striding Out

After a circuit of the little pond in the very sandy soil, and a quick visit to the NT café for a cuppa, we headed north and after crossing a lovely wooden bridge over the river Wey we passed Pierrepoint Home Farm where cheese-making takes place. It is open on certain days to see the process of cheese-making, and presumably to buy some cheese! Just up the hill is a small brewery, sadly not open on the day.

Smiles Abound

The heathland in the area is delightful with clumps of heather and other plants, and strewn with the remains of dead trees – we wondered what had caused their demise. Drought maybe?  Still, I expect these bits of old wood are being well used by insects, creepy-crawlies and the like.

Uphill is easy when you chat!

We really enjoyed the birdsong along the way; the icing on the cake came at Tilford Reeds where two Red Kites were hovering about the fir trees right over our heads which required a lengthy stop – these birds are stunning and much admired for their beautiful colour, their 1.8 metre wingspan and forked tails.

One of the Woodlands

Crossing Reeds Road close to the Rural Life Centre, we passed through woodland and into Bourne Wood, an area which is often used for filming. I’m reliably informed that scenes from the likes of  Gladiator, Transformers, and Wonder Woman are among the many films made here. It is also very hilly and kept us well exercised! Taking a circuit of the tracks through the forest we eventually came out on to Farnham Nature Reserve where we had our sandwiches on the hillside with a wonderful open vista in front of us.

Walk Leader’s Briefing

After lunch we backtracked through the heath and over the river Wey back to the car park. A great way to spend time with friends and explore the countryside.

Author: Sheila Gadd

Photos: Rose & Paul

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