C2C Day 16 (May 2022)

Coast to Coast Final Stages with 4 Intrepid Petersfield Ramblers

Day 16: The Lion Inn To Grosmont

The Lion Inn

It is amazing the different people that you meet walking the same arduous, challenging path as yourself. Within the first hour today we met up with our chap from Seattle, with his two walking sticks and dodgy knees. He had come across here to walk the route and walk he would, at his own pace, slow and steady and he would get there. Next was the young man from the Netherlands, relishing the chance to walk up mountains and hills, then the couple from Perth, Western Australia. They had read about the walk at home and had flown across to do it. Also, the couple from Ohio who had done the trail 20 years ago, it was now almost their 50th wedding anniversary and they were going to celebrate when they reached Robin Hood’s Bay on the day of their anniversary. Plus, plus, plus, others too numerous to mention, but generally visitors to this country.

The walk today left the Lion Inn behind as we walked along the road, following it gently uphill, past one of the many stones with crosses on that mark ancient route ways and off across the moors. With the sun trying to peep out we were able to see the magnificent views across the grouse moors, the heather growing across the hillsides and skylarks making sure that we left their nests alone. Before we knew it, we were across the first part where the path met a road crossing the moorland. After a stop for water and sustenance the path continued along a ridge affording us views of valleys on either side. Down off the moors there were verdant fields, farmhouses looking like toy ones down the hillside and peace everywhere. No noise of cars, vehicles, people (apart from ourselves!), just the gentle wind and the song of birds.

Then the path descended into the village of Glaisdale, a pretty village that had its own shop and butchers. We followed the road past Tailor’s Cottage, the old Forge and other old properties to reach the River Esk. Here we walked through wonderful banks of trees carpeted with bluebells as far as the eye could see. Stopping by the river we ate our lunch and refreshed, followed the path as it continued though the wood, eventually coming to Egton Bridge, a small village with its own railway station and Manor House. Along the way we saw a sign requesting a toll for using the road, a motor car would cost 1/- (one shilling) while a bus would cost 3/- (three shillings).

Happy Hikers

Walking past the Manor House the way took us gently along the valley towards our goal of Grosmont. With a refreshing cup of tea on our mind we made our way along the path, under the railway and down into the town of Grosmont. Sitting on a picnic table by the side of the heritage railway we enjoyed our tea while watching the steam engine getting prepared to move out. Satisfaction began to set in, tomorrow is our last day, 14 miles walked today, approximately 15 to go tomorrow to reach the end of the Coast to Coast.

The Steam Engine
Selfie Time!

Author & Photographer: Lynne Burge

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