Covid 19 measures

On the Club’s website there is already guidance for both leaders and walkers. In addition, there are other measures we must have in place for the safety of all. Please read it before you lead or walk.

These are the changes from previous practice:

No lifts can be offered from Petersfield Station. Members will need to arrange their own transport.

Before the walk begins, all those walking must provide the leader with contact details for NHS contact tracing. This information will be retained for 21 days after the walk. It helps to save time if you contact the walk leader in advance to give your contact details – their phone number is in the list of walks.

Bring a face-mask in case of incidents where physical distancing is not possible.

Observe physical-distancing at all times.

You should not share equipment, food or drink.

Avoid touching gates and stiles where possible.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms on the day of the walk, you must not attend the walk. If you develop symptoms within 21 days following the walk, please contact the Programme Sec. (Michael Moore, Tel: 01730 231539 & 07564221712), who will inform everyone on your walk. They must then follow the government’s guidelines on this.

A note to Leaders – Thank you for volunteering to lead. Please keep a record of those who walk on the day; i.e. names and contact phone numbers and keep it for 21 days as above. If necessary the Secretary will ask for a copy in order to alert the other walkers. A photograph of the list is acceptable.