South Harting and Elsted

  • Date: 18 May 2024
  • Leader: David Roberts
  • Distance: 6 miles

A morning walk from South Harting

Five intrepid ramblers set out from South Harting on a morning walk in humid overcast conditions. The predicted rain never materialized and we even had spells of sunshine.  We walked on footpaths along the South Downs with stunning views of the hangers on the hills to our right. Boggy underfoot in places but perfectly passable, we passed by houses and farms on the way.

After passing through a dried up brook we emerged on the road to Treyford. After a brief photo shoot of the group – Andrew, Jackie, Paul and Fiona – we were met with a display of vintage cars from the preceding century driving down the road on their way to a vintage car rally. Andrew impressed us all with his knowledge of these cars, quoting names like Riley and Lagonda.

Walking up the road we admired the beautiful village of Treyford and its lovely houses.

Climbing a path we continued across fields which were boggy in places. We passed many sheep on the way and Fiona in particular seemed fascinated by them and their ‘fat arses’. Paul noticed a sheep who appeared to be giving birth and informed a farm worker who was driving a tractor. 

Crossing a grid we continued along the road for a short way passing more fields, before crossing a small bridge and climbing up the steep hill to Elsted. The notorious hill, where we lost our boots four years ago, had been recently ploughed once again but was dry so climbing up was hard work but easily made by everyone. 

We walked through the car park of The Three Horseshoes pub, along the road then up to the Elsted Village Hall where we had our coffee break sat on the benches outside under the shade of the trees. The panoramic views over the South Downs were magnificent as we drank and ate fruit and milk chocolate during the nicest weather of the day. This was also the perfect opportunity for more photos.

After the break we walked through a field full of crops before descending through the woods and more fields and over a small bridge on the way back home.

Author and Photographer: David Roberts

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