15 December 2022 – Christmas Walk

  • Christmas Walk – Liss:            15 December 2021
  • Walk Leaders:                         Hilary & Gordon Watts
  • Distance:                                 7 Miles
  • Start:                                       Newman Collard CP, GR: SU 779 273

Well, it was a fun, fitting end to the year’s rambling with the final official planned walk of the season, Gordon and Hilary’s walk and talk and social gathering on 15th December.

Along the leaf strewn track

On a surprisingly warm and dry day, over 20 of us and 2 dogs on leads met at the Newman Collard playing field car park in Liss. The leaders came in their Christmas jumpers and hats, and Rose had a bit of tinsel on her rucksack, but the rest of us turned up in our usual plain rambling garb. We should have been more festive looking!

Not as muddy as predicted!

We trudged toward the station and had to cross the railway line by the footbridge as the road gates were closed – just our luck. Chris’s Labrador, Pickle, was really keen to get up and over. We enjoy Pickle, he gets a lot of love from all of us.

Lots of happy chat

We walked a bit of the Shipwrights Way, crossed fields, walked Mint Road and through wooded land up to Rake, crossed the B2030, and headed down to Rake Hanger through ancient woodland for a coffee stop, or these days I call it a ‘banana stop’ because almost all of us eat a banana at this point. I think the majority of the imported bananas must be eaten by ramblers!

Walk leaders “coffee stop”

We eventually walked up to Hillbrow, then headed down into Liss again to our destination, our hosts’ garden, having enjoyed a 7-mile walk.

Lots of mince pies!

Hot steaming ups of tea and coffee appeared from the kitchen followed by a huge tray of hot mince pies, all served to us in the garden in its winter plumage. A very nice social gathering, all safe in the open air. We eventually wished each other a good festive season (no hugs. of course. in these Covid times) and headed home.  A lovely, social moment.  Merry Christmas!

Author: Sheila Gadd, Club Secretary

Photos: Paul & Rose

And here is an interesting print out from a fitbit recording of our Christmas walk.

Note the fat burn!!

We deserved the mince pies!
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