Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How far do you walk?

Answer: Our walks are between 5 and 12 miles with the majority being between 6 and 10.

Question: What should I wear?

Answer: A pair of waterproof walking boots and a waterproof jacket are quite important . For most walks you will need to take a packed lunch and a drink with you. If walk details describe it as a morning walk there will not be a lunch stop. There will be a drink stop after an hour or so.

Question: Do I need my own transport?

Initially yes but members often car share once they get to know each other.

Question:How much does it cost to join?

Answer: It costs £5 per calendar year, walkers are welcome to join us for three walks before they decide whether they would like to become a member.

Question: What speed do you walk?

Answer: We normally walk at a leisurely pace of 2.5 miles per hour.

Question: I enjoy fresh air, exercise, pleasant company and beautiful countryside. Is Petersfield Ramblers a suitable Club for me?

Answer: Absolutely. Come and Join us.