The Water and Chocolate Walk by David Roberts

Off we set Petersfield ramblers all – 14 strong

From Bishop’s Waltham we drove

In a convoy to the World’s End

Fortifying ourselves with delicious mini jaffa cake

Handed out by the doughty Clare

We set off through country footpaths

While doing our best to avoid to mud and water

Through Hambledon, Soberton, and Swanmore

Admiring the mind- blowing scenery

 A coffee stop on a muddy footpath near Soberton

Lynne had already left with with Doodle in tow

Some people just have no staying power

More jaffa cakes and chocolates from Chris

One of the two birthday ramblers – along with Fiona

By the time we reached Swanmore

We were tired, drenched and in need of food and warmth

A local hostelry appeared over the horizon

So we went in ordering teas and coffees to drink with our lunch

Fiona provided us with ginger cake and chocolate


The brownies the most delicious I’ve ever tasted

A perfect sweet to eat after our sandwiches       

Dulcia and Tony completed the Liss contingent

Oh how we laughed as we recovered our spirits

Gerald was the joker in the pack

His puns all delivered with kindness and humour

He even thought of the title of the walk

Helen stood by the door of our dining room

Fighting her cynicism as the wind and the rain lashed down

Christine and Sheila were as upbeat as ever

Mandy so blonde and vibrant

Photos were taken by our intrepid walk leader Sandy

Rallying the troops for the final leg

Off we marched fortified by food and drink

For the final stretch back to Bishop’s Waltham

The rain increased although the terrain was flat

Hoods up and heads down past the  castle

The ruins towering gloriously over us

More photos were taken as we strode along

the railway line footpath

We arrived back at our car park

Tired but happy as we had completed our walk

There was still one more journey to take

After finishing the fourteen mile hike

Driving back to the House and Jockey in waterlogged Hipley

Farewell’s were given as Fiona dished out more cakes

Just 3 of us went for tea at the pub

Chris, Martin and David were the only men standing

More chocolate brownies were eaten

With our final cup of tea of the day

A feeling of contentment warmed our bodies

What a glorious day it was

A group of 14 merry ramblers

On a journey from Hipley to Bishop’s Waltham

On the water and chocolate walk

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