16 January 2024

  • Date:               16 January 2024
  • Walk Leader: Lynne Burge
  • Distance:         3 Miles each way (approx.)

Ramblers Social Lunch at the Seven Stars

Ten ramblers assembled outside the Outdoor Swimming to enjoy a 3 mile walk to the Seven Stars. Others would meet us at the pub ready for the pre ordered meal. With the sun high in the sky and the freezing temperatures we made our way through Merrit’s Meadow to Dark Hollow. Arriving at Beckham Lane we gained two more walkers, with another one joining us at the bridge over the A3.

Thankfully, due to the low temperatures the areas that are potentially boggy on the route were fairly firmly frozen, so we were able to keep our feet relatively dry. The views were spectacular as the sun shone down, a buzzard circled overhead searching for prey and the trees glistened in the sunlight.

On reaching the Seven Stars we all changed out of our walking boots and entered the warmth of the pub. Thirty Petersfield Ramblers sat chatting, enjoying a drink and then enjoying the food. It was a great time to catch up with friends not seen recently, to chat with several people at once rather than, when walking, chatting with one person at a time. I’m sure we livened up the pub on a cold Tuesday lunchtime in January. Pickle was not missed out, he happily ate the leavings of chips looking for more once he had finished.

As the afternoon drew on those walking back to Petersfield set off before it began to freeze. The route took us past Langrish School and out to the bypass. A fairly simple walk back except for the fallen tree. This blocked the path with the only way past it meant gymnastics- climbing over various branches to reach the other side. Then off into Petersfield and each to their different homes and into the warmth.

Negotiating the fallen tree

So, the question is- was it a success? Feedback says that everyone enjoyed the experience, so watch this space for the next Ramblers’ Pub lunch.

Author and Photographer: Lynne Burge

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