30 June 2021

  • West Wittering circular walk: 30 June 2021
  • Walk leaders:  Helen and Helene
  • Distance: 9 miles
  • Start: West Wittering car park (£ 8.00 for the day and to be booked in advance)

Our walk began at West Wittering Beach and 14 members set off following the shoreline path.  At some point near the beginning of the walk, our group divided. Some ramblers remained on the path and some crawled under bushes to go onto the pebbled beach. We soon found ourselves together again to continue on the path, still with beautiful views of the sea. At some point we could see the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and later Bosham Church in the distance. We followed the shoreline to Itchenor, crossing the boatyard and coming out by the harbour office.

We started a bit later than anticipated and perhaps we talked a bit too much which slowed us down. Time was flying by and we did not stop for coffee before 12.00!  We sat outside the Pub: The Ship Inn where we had coffee (and a bite to eat for some!) and a welcome loo break. 

After this nice rest, we walked inland, following a path across fields until we reached the farm road. There was a bit of confusion there as to which path to take as a gate seemed to block the road. With the help of our fellow ramblers, we were soon on the right path. We followed the footpath over two more fields. This section was very muddy and slippery.

We eventually arrived at East Wittering Beach where we had lunch at about 2.00 pm! Some of us sat on benches and others on the pebbles, facing the sea. It was magical.  Gordon even had a paddle in the sea with his trousers rolled up!

After lunch we walked back to West Wittering, along the beach which was sandy and a lot easier to walk on than the pebbles. This took us about 30 minutes and some of us had some refreshments in the cafe there.

This was a lovely, relaxing and friendly day out!


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