Annual Holiday 2023 Day 1

  • Annual Holiday:         Church Stretton, Shropshire
  • Date:                           October 2023, DAY 1
Ready to Roll

During the briefing for Walk 2 (Hope Bowdler and Ragleth) on our first walking day, leader Edward told us about wood sculptures in the woodland gardens of Longmynd House which were carved by David Bytheway. What an interesting name is ‘Bytheway’!

We walked through Little Stretton past some wonderful half-timbered very old houses, braved the fast traffic on the A49 and ascended Ragleth Hill, and the promised ‘sharp ascent’ did not disappoint! We took it slowly, stopping at intervals to enjoy the view behind and catch our breath.

Excellent views all around

The views from the top were, well, breathtaking! On our way up we passed a gravestone for Craig Bullock who had been killed riding his motorbike in 1972, seemingly on his way home from the pub which may explain his demise.

Memorial to Craig Bullock

Walking along the top we came across some badger-faced sheep. Not seen these before so I tried to take a photo but only succeeded in getting a shop of their bottoms! We had wonderful views of the Shropshire Hills, many high peaks and grassy slopes, and Wales beyond. It was sunny, windy and stunning!

! We descended into the Chelmick Valley and to the village of Hope Bowdler and later on to The Vending Hut which had been set up by a local farming family which gave us access to coffee and ice creams, and we made good use of it.

The vending hut

Heading back, some of us enjoyed the delights of the charity shops in Church Stretton and parted with some money to aid the local economy! A delightful day.

Author & Photographer: Sheila Gadd

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