Leeds to Liverpool Canal – Day 3

  • Date:               13 August 2022
  • Distance:         10 Miles
  • Start:               Silsden

Silsden to Skipton, a mere 10 miles!

In view of the extreme heat we decided to stay on the train for another stop. Rather than back tracking to Keighley we alighted at Silsden in order to shut down the mileage. We only missed a few fields by doing this and nothing of significant interest.

After climbing over a delightful stone stile and the walking across the fields we reached the canal at one of the many swing bridges. These are used to take roads across the canal or for farmers to access their land. Thankfully there was enough shade along the towpath to stop us overheating.

Stone Stile

The significant change today was the terrain. Yes, we were still walking along the towpath but to either side rose hills and moorland. I got quite excited! There was no desire to be walking up the hills today as it was so hot but in a couple of months time the ramblers will be up the road at Malham and we will be walking those hills.


After walking for an hour, we came across a delightful pop-up cafe by the side of the canal complete with picnic tables and shade. It would have been churlish not to stop. So a while later after sampling their beverages we continued on our way. More herons were spotted but by this time we were becoming blasé about them.

Then we came across a charming village, built around the contours of the canal and bursting with charm. The inevitable swing bridge gave access across the canal to the village which consisted on 4 layered houses, older mill style terraces, converted buildings and a small but well formed playground for children. It gave the air of being a community that would be a pleasure to live in.

The Village
More Village

The canal followed the main road for most of the rest of the way into Skipton but it was high above the road so afforded us good views around and the road was not too noticeable. By now the heat was becoming intense and we were happy to arrive in Skipton. After a small wander we alighted upon a restaurant that we entered for a refreshing cup of tea. Air conditioning! We sank into the seats and enjoyed the respite we found there.

Skipton is an interesting town, evidently seen better days but was well worth a browse around before we took the train back to Leeds.

Author and Photographer: Lynne Burge

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